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7 Emerging Benefits and Uses of Papaya Leaf

Carica papaya — also simply known as papaya or pawpaw — is a type of tropical, fruit-bearing tree native to Mexico and northern regions of South America. Today, papaya is one of the most widely cultivated crops in the world. Its fruit, seeds, and leaves are frequently utilized in a variety of culinary and folk medicine …

8 Health Benefits of Guava Fruit and Leaves

Guavas are tropical trees originating in Central America and some part of Africa Their fruits are oval in shape with light green or yellow skin and contain edible seeds. What’s more, guava leaves are used as an herbal tea and the leaf extract as a supplement. Guava fruits are amazingly rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, …

What Do You Want to Know About Cancer?

Overview Cancer is an umbrella term for a large group of diseases caused when abnormal cells divide rapidly, and spread to other tissue and organs. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Cancer Growth and Metastasis In a healthy body, the trillions of cells it’s made of grow and divide, …

What Is Noni Juice? Everything You Need to Know

Noni juice is a tropical drink derived from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree. This tree and its fruit grow among lava flows in Southeast Asia, especially in Polynesia. Noni (pronounced NO-nee) is a lumpy, mango-sized fruit that is yellow in color. It’s very bitter and has a distinct odor that is sometimes compared to stinky …

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